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Ford & Slater Spalding relocated in March 2007 to purpose-built premises at Wardentree Lane business park constructed at a total cost of £1.5 million.

The dealership comprises:



  • 4 drive-through bays that can accommodate full-length articulated tractor and trailer combinations.
  • VOSA safety and inspection pits, MAHA brake roller tester equipment and wireless technology.
  • a parts department equipped with the latest mechanised high-density storage equipment and holding 15,000 lines valued at £0.3 million.

The workshop is open 24 hours a day from 6:00am Monday to 6:00pm on Saturday as well as a Sunday shift. This enables operators to have their vehicles serviced outside of normal working hours minimising non-productive downtime - the most extensive operating hours of any commercial vehicle repair and maintenance facility in Lincolnshire.

The dealership location means that Ford & Slater is well positioned to provide round the clock support to truck and van operators strategically located in the major transport hub of Spalding.



Ford & Slater Spalding